So many new faces I can barely keep track of.

I guess I should Introduce myself! I’m Alex, a freshman at Surabella. I’ve been here since freshman year of high school, so you can say I’ve been here a while. 

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Where in the world is everyone?

It’s a lot more empty here than I remember. 

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Finally finished packing into the new dorm..


That’s what I was thinking too.. if anything, I’m pretty glad you’re here. *with a hopeful smile leans in to give her a short hug before pulling back and listening to the rest of her words.*

*crosses her arms a bit, the smile still on her face as she nods.*

So, I take it you and Spencer are back together? *starts to make a serious face, almost a frown.* Oh. *brightens right back up.* I’m just playing.. *nudges her playfully.* You guys really do bring out the best in each other. 

Eli’s still here? Damn, that guy is crazy.. I thought he would be the one that’s long gone. But his dedication to this place is awesome.

So how was your summer?

Don’t scare me like that! *chuckles and nudges her back* But yeah…we are. It was unexpected, though. I needed out of here…and…somehow I ended up in England with him. He helped me get clean and then…bam. It just sort of happened. *smiles softly* It’s perfect.

Apparently. I thought he would have graduated everything by now, seeing as he’s like…100 times older than us. 

My summer was great, besides the whole first two weeks when I was trying to get clean. That was brutal. How was yours?

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I’m not that good with first impressions…


But, most of those people are already settled in with friends, and everything. They’re introductions are pretty much insured to be fine.


Alex, hm?  That’s a cute name.  Sort of plain for a boy, but I don’t hear it on girls often.

Ah, you’ll make friends soon enough and then everything won’t be so awkward. Trust me.  *smiles*

Thanks, I think. My full name is actually Alexandria, but only my parents call me that, and it’s quite a mouthful. So I go by Alex.

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Finally finished packing into the new dorm..


Then my mission is complete.

Hey, I still can’t wrap my head around all the stuff we’ve been through here and no matter what, we keep coming back.. *chuckles a bit, shaking her head as she dazes off into some good and bad memories before stopping herself.* How about the brothers? Seen them around yet? Highly doubt they’d come back.. last time I spoke to Spencer it was on skype for about five minutes. Everyone’s growing up.. always so busy. I can barely keep up at this point. 


You look fantastic though, Alex.. Like brand new.

Absolutely. It’s amazing. I swore I’d never come back here but…voila! Haha, *shakes her her head* Thanks Jenna. I feel brand new. Happy. I’m really happy. 

Uh…Um. I’ve seen Eli around, in a few passing glances. So he’s here. And…uh… I actually came here with Spence…together. Thus the…’we’. 

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Finally finished packing into the new dorm..


But didn’t that make you miss me more when I was away? 


Alex, I was so fucking worried you guys wouldn’t be returning.. thank GOD you’re here. Still searching for the others, though.

Of course it did! 

 We didn’t think we were coming back, but I got my acceptance and we decided to make our way back to Australia. I’ve seen a few familiar faces around here, not as much as I’d like though.

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Look Alex, I came clean with you. About Kara, about the company, about everything. I told you everything!


It was great while it lasted, but it didn’t. I’m glad to see you happy, all right? But I’m not exactly jumping for joy right now. I just saw something I shouldn’t have. I don’t know who to talk to about it, I’m stressed, I’m jetlagged, I’m sleep deprived, and on top of all that, I come back to this.

*pauses* I’m sorry.

Please excuse me. *walks out door*

Pet-…God! Ugh. Good job, Alex…*walks the other way*

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So many boxes.

Too many things. Too much moving. 

Also, Inever thought I’d say this buuut….I’m glad to be back.

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